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Maipuri Arauan Nation
This information is sent to inform you that NAAIP members are TREATY CITIZENS of the Maipuri Arauan nation. In July of 2020 Tushkahumoc Xelup signed a treaty with New Zealand Maori Hapu Nation, and the country of Malasia. The video reflects the forward movement of the nation. You are invited to participate in the government of the nation. We currently are inviting people of Maipuri to engage with the government portal to learn what the government is doing. You are responsible for the government of Maipuri Arauan nation. You may click the link to see the video and learn more about your nation government.

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Public Announcement

Maipuri Arauan Nation is seeking Indigenous leaders, lawyers, judges, graphic designers, physicians, healthcare professionals, wellness practitioners, welders, planners, agriculture business, builders, contractors, skilled trades. For more information please email us at (